Cryptocurrency for daily life
811,390 AUSCOIN Tokens Sold in the ICO... PEOPLE REGISTERED FOR THE AUSCOIN ICO(a) The Auscoin ICO has closed; and
(b) Auscoin has ceased to
    (i) issue any further interests;
    (ii) solicit or receive any further payments for orders;
    (iii) solicit or accept any further orders for Auscoin


Further Developments Coming



Our vision is to capitalise on the potential to integrate Bitcoin and cryptocurrency into daily life. This will completely change the way the world transacts; revolutionising conventional contracts between individuals, businesses, organisations and everyone in between

AUSCOIN Group is dedicated to delivering our two primary goals:

1. Bringing AUSCOIN to the mainstream consumer market through the implementation of its world-first ATM network; and

2. Establishing AUSCOIN as one of the leading cryptocurrencies, emulating the same success as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

We believe the most significant barrier to entry for everyday people in the cryptocurrency market is accessibility. Cryptocurrencies are viewed as "too hard" or "too confusing" for many people to access, slowing widespread adoption. AUSCOIN aim to remove these barriers by building a nation-wide network of 1200+ ATM access points and allowing the general public easy access to cryptocurrencies. AUSCOIN and our growing network of ATMs offer a practical way to spend, buy and sell cryptocurrencies using a familiar, user-friendly interface.



AUSCOIN Group has identified 600 premium locations across all states in Australia and already have over 100 retailers who have expressed an interest in accepting AUSCOIN as a preferred payment method. With these measures in place, the stage is set for AUSCOIN to be one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies in existence.

We are in discussions to secure as many of these premium locations as possible and will update our community as these negotiations finalise. AUSCOIN Group is the first company to commence a National rollout of Bitcoin ATMs within Australia and Asia Pacific regions.

Other blockchains use rewards from the mining pools to provide ongoing funding for development of the protocol. At AUSCOIN we are focused on our ATMs and so intend to reserve 1% of the value of all transactions processed by the ATM into a wallet and with those funds to be used only for the promotion, growth and development of the AUSCOIN Network. Those funds will not be used for maintenance of the ATMs.

The ease of accessibility via our ATM rollout is unheard of in the cryptocurrency industry and will demolish any accessibility issues; making AUSCOIN the most accessible cryptocurrency in the entire industry.

Current Bitcoin ATMs in Australia are either of limited functionality or are sparsely located. After our four week trials with our first ATMs, we’ve seen an average of $182,000 transacted per week. As we expand the size of our ATM network, this number will increase. With very little marketing and no mainstream adoption we are aiming for $10,000 average turnover per day per ATM.

$10,000 x 1200 ATMs x 7 days = $84,000,000 per week

This potential funding source from up to 1,200 ATMs means that not only will AUSCOIN be more likely to have staying power, but this will also help achieve our vision of AUSCOIN becoming one of the most liquid digital cryptocurrencies for daily life as we use Australia as a pilot for overseas expansion. Additional plans are already underway to drive for acceptance of AUSCOIN as payment by over 1,000 retailers during 2018.

Tokens held by the AUSCOIN Group are hard-locked for a minimum of three years, meaning they are not available for issue or sale by AUSCOIN Group. The AUSCOIN group does not intend to release more than five million AUSCOIN from the reserve pool for funding of ongoing operations per year after the 4th of December 2020. It will take the AUSCOIN Group approximately thirteen years to sell all of the reserved tokens (if this is required). This hard-lock illustrates our commitment to the success of AUSCOIN.

In addition to AUSCOIN, our ATMs will also allow users to exchange other cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, and other Alternative Coins (known as AltCoins) to and from Australian dollars. We have received expressions of interest from leading Australian cryptocurrencies and will release more information in the future.



The ICO will open on 12 February 2018 at 6pm (AEDT) and will close at the earlier of 28 days after the ICO opens or when the ICO Allocation has been reached (ICO Period). During the ICO Period, pre-orders for AUSCOIN can be placed by sending ETH to our smart contract which will be published shortly. You will also be able to take part using our decentralised application (dapp) with Metamask or Mist. The price of AUSCOIN pre-ordered during the ICO Period will be eighty cents USD (0.80 cents USD), with tiered bonuses for each block of 10,000,000 tokens as set out in the ICO allocation.

Delivery of AUSCOIN

AUSCOIN will be sent to users using an ERC-20 transfer. Users will be able to verify their coin balance using smart contract details which will be disclosed prior to the ICO.

RoundNumber of AUSCOIN™ (including bonus tokens) available
for pre-order as tokens
Seed Round Allocation (SOLD)2,000,000 40%(571,000) Tokens
Air Drop Participants1,000,000 N/A
Bounty/Marketing1,000,000 N/A
ICO Allocation46,000,000
-1st 10,000,00013,000,00030% (3,000,000 Tokens)
-2nd 10,000,00012,000,00020% (2,000,000 Tokens)
-3rd 10,000,00011,000,00010% (1,000,000 Tokens)
-4th 10,000,00010,000,000None

The Team


Sam Karagiozis

Founder & Director

Entrepreneur with a diversified portfolio of businesses including restaurants, property and cryptocurrencies. As one of Australia's largest Bitcoin brokers for three years running Sam's relentless work ethic, business savvy intellect, strong moral values, and holistic business approach resulted in the birth of Auscoin. Sam's long-term vision for Auscoin is to make digital currency a part of our everyday lives.

Michael Sloggett


A founder and investor in businesses across Australia and Asia. He has successfully built numerous million dollar companies leveraging social media as the main platform for growth. Michael was an early investor in cryptocurrencies and has been mentored by some of the world's best cryptocurrency traders.


Jun Hao

International Partnerships

Graduated Magna Cum Laude in Business and Commerce at Singapore Management University. JH is connected throughout Singapore and the Asia Pacific region and is in regular contact with many CEO's and top 100 coins and tokens.

Leonard Tan

Software Engineer

A software engineer with experience working for VISA. Leonard has built a secure crypto wallet for CoinHako as well as Ethereum dapps. He also implemented systems for FintechNews and EthVPN and is the Fintech Advisor for Lamden.

Jason Grigg

Market Analyst

Involved in international businesses, real estate and property development. He advises in foreign exchange and cryptocurrencies. Jason provides expertise in market analysis and strategic advice for AUSCOIN Group.